Renae Ingles - 5 Tips to Netball Success

Renae Ingles has joined the Champion System Netball team in 2017. Renae is one of the sports most respected players. She is a World Champion, Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist and was a member of the Adelaide Thunderbirds in the 2017 Suncorp Super Netball Season. 
Find out Renae's 5 Tips to Netball Success:
1) Training Schedule
In the elite environment, most of this was taken care of. However, during the off-season period I would ALWAYS ensure that I was training enough and hard enough to come into preseason ‘ahead of the game’. Preseason hurts- always, regardless of how much training you have or haven’t done… so I always made sure that I was in good enough shape to tackle preseason head on and with full force.
Training schedules can be pretty rigorous, so the most important thing is variety. Training doesn’t always have to be running laps on court; I like to incorporate lots of fun exercises in the gym, agility, cycling, boxing and some social games of basketball. When you’re having fun and challenging the body in different ways you don’t even realize you’re working hard!!!
2) Healthy Lifestyle
Yep… You got it! There is no cheating this one. A healthy lifestyle is a no-brainer. What you’re doing off the court has a huge impact on the court and what you’re doing while no one is watching is crucial to your long-term success.
I have never found this too difficult. I love the outdoors, I love exercise and I love how eating well and exercising makes me feel. Do I treat myself - ASBOLUTELY!!! I’m human and I love my chocolate, I just make sure that I do everything with a balance.
3) Life away from Netball
This is so so SO important. I always played my best netball when I was working hard/chipping away at my life away from netball. For me this was school and university. I was taught from a pretty young age that you cannot put all of your eggs in one basket, so it was crucial that I worked on my ‘plan B’ and my life after netball. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, a Diploma of Management and I am currently working away on my Masters in High Performance Sport.
I strongly believe that if you have a break from your netball (yep, study is technically a break) then you’re fresher in the netball space, and here is the really good news… time with your friends and family away from netball counts too!! You have to be able to relax and have some “me time” and quality time with the people that support you is so important. Enjoy yourself!!!!
4) Preparation
Whether it be preparing properly on the training court, in the gym or in video analysis; it has always been so important to me to go into game day knowing that I was 100% prepared and ready (on and off the court). Coaches are across the court work sessions, the S&C trainers had us firing and ready in the gym, so it was up to me to do my homework. Knowing my opponent’s strengths and weaknesses could only put me in a better place to win the 1-on-1 battles when the first whistle went!

5) Recovery

I’ve learnt this as I have gotten older. Recovery very is probably not an area that I put as much time into as I was starting out in my career; however later in my career I did just as much recovery (if not more) as I did training.

To train as hard as I want to, means I have to let the body rest and recover to go again. This can be ice baths, adequate recovery food, and sleep. Every little bit counts!!!

Renae pictured above in our Apex Netball Dress.

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