Champion System custom netball team wear specialists on the physical health benefits of playing netball.

As one of Australia’s most popular team sports, netball still remains the top Aussie team sport for women and girls.
Our custom team clothing experts explain that netball builds up your health and fitness levels through regular training and matches. This great sport helps to build upper body strength, leg muscles and the cardiovascular system.
As a fast-paced and intensive game, which will quickly boost your health and fitness levels. This game puts considerable pressure on the body, with players having to make short sprints, hard stops, and twists and turns during the course of the match.
Here the team at Champion System, high performance netball apparel,  share some of the health benefits of netball which include:
• Burning calories and lowering body fat.
• Improves upper body strength, working out key arm muscles - great for toning triceps.
• Improves hand-eye co-ordination, with precision passing and shooting necessary to succeed.
• Builds up leg muscle strength and stamina due to its mixture of brief bursts of sprinting and longer jogging.
• Develops the body’s cardiovascular system, with the heart and lungs delivering more oxygen to fuel the muscles.
• Improves the body’s flexibility and agility, as it requires quick changes of direction and speed.

To find out more about our high performance netball apparel, including custom netball dresses and netball team gear, contact the team at Champion System Netball today.

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