Champion System Netball Custom High Performance Netball Apparel Manufacturers Explain The Importance of Wearing the Correct Footwear

Here at Champion System Netball, our high performance netball apparel designers now how important the right gear is for your performance and your netball footwear is no exception.

So why not wear regular running shoes? Well in netball you run in short, quick bursts, you are required to stop suddenly, jump and pivot. In contrast, running shoes are designed for a straight-forward motion, therefore the support features are located in the heel and toe areas. Runners do not offer correct support to the sides of your feet and are therefore not recommended as they do not cater the range of motion that is required during a rigorous game of netball.

What are the benefits of an actual netball shoe? Our custom netball dress designers know that a well-designed netball shoe will allow the foot to sit on a lower platform, maximising comfort and cushioning on the sides of your feet for a greater range of movement and flexibility. The greatest benefit of this is that you are less likely to roll your ankle and prevent foot trauma.

Ensure that you get your netball shoes fitted correctly. If your netball shoes aren’t fitted properly, you will not achieve the benefits of the design.  Make sure you visit a sporting shoe store with experienced staff who can talk you through the fitting process.

No matter what level you play, our custom design netball apparel experts recommend that you should consider the safety benefits of choosing a specifically designed shoe for netball as it will help improve your performance. With proper support you reduce the risk of injury, giving you the freedom to continue playing netball for many years to come!

To find out more about our custom netball uniform designs, contact the friendly team at Champion System Netball today.

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