Champion System Netball Experts in Custom Design Netball Apparel with Five Tips to get you Shooting Like a Pro

Developing your shooting skills for netball takes plenty of practice, and mastering each technique takes time and patience. If you’re the “Goal Shooter” or “Goal Attack” these are some skills you are going to want to take the time to become comfortable with. Your team is depending on your expertise!

Today, our custom netball uniform designers have some great shooting tips to help you improve your game and shoot like a pro:

  1. Take Your Time – Three seconds is longer than you think. It is actually an ample amount of time to shoot the ball with accuracy. Think about what your body should be doing and use control to make the most of your shooting opportunity. Remember “YOU” control the ball…it’s not the other way around!
  1. Practice – Boost your success rate through training. Here at Champion System Netball our custom netball team wear designers have ties with some of the most successful players in Australia and we know how hard they train. Go early to practice and spend that extra 15 minutes honing your skills. Once the technique is second nature, the rest will come and you will feel more confident in high pressure situations. Be sure to always ask your coach for extra tips and one-on-one time!
  1. Balance and Stance – Your knees should be bent and your stance should be shoulder width apart. If your legs are steady and bent correctly you are sure to have more power. When shooting, your body needs to be extended when taking the shot.
  1. Focus – Ignore your blocker. Focus on the shot and control the direction of the ball with your arms, fingers and wrists. Eye in on the back of the ring as your shooting point and with the flick of your wrist, you should have that goal for your team.
  1. Grip – It’s vital to hold the ball correctly. Your shooting hand supplies the spring, power and spin and your supporting hand holds the side to give support and stability. Using the finger tips on your shooting hand, cradle the ball and spin the ball backward with a little flick of your wrist.

To find out more about our stylish range of custom netball dresses and netball team apparel contact the friendly team at Champion System Netball today.

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