Champion System Netball Team Apparel Experts with a brief history of the game of Netball

Basketball was invented in the USA in 1981 and 14 years later, once introduced to England, it went on to become particularly popular amongst English women in particular.
In England in 1895, using broomsticks for posts and wet paper bags for baskets, ladies played basketball on grass. However, the long skirts and tight sleeves of the time restricted their movement, making passing and dribbling very difficult. Unfortunately they were a long way from the high performance netball apparel and custom netball dresses of today.
Hence, the ladies decided to adapt the game and in 1898 the court was divided into thirds, the number of players increased from five to nine and a smaller ball (a soccer ball) was used.
In England in 1901, the first set of rules was published and netball became an official sport. At this time, school teachers from England travelled to many countries, introducing the game of Women’s Basketball (as it was called then) to the countries of the British Empire, including Australia.
Once established, the game developed locally and soon each country had its own separate rules and distinct playing methods. According to our custom netball uniform experts, the All Australia Women’s Basketball Association was formed in August 1927, and the first official National Championships was held in Melbourne in 1928, although a number of interstate matches had taken place earlier.
Australia’s first International match was played in 1938 against New Zealand but with the outbreak of the war the following year, there was not another tour until almost 10 years later.
Following a successful tour to England where Australia played under England’s rules, a conference was held in London in 1957 to agree on an International Code of Rules to be trialled in individual countries.
In 1960, the International Federation of Women’s Basketball and Netball Associations was born and in 1963, the first World Tournament with 11 teams competing, was held in England, with Australia being undefeated.
Finally in 1970 the name was officially changed in Australia and New Zealand from Women’s Basketball to Netball.
Netball has been included in the Commonwealth Games since 1998 and today, our custom netball team wear experts explain that Netball is more popular than ever, with close to one million participants over the 2016 season.
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