Experts in custom netball training gear online with essential goal shooting tips

Our custom design netball apparel experts know that goal shooting is arguably the most important aspect of the game of netball. To ensure a win, a netball team must to have only the very best shooters in the positions Goal Scorer (GS) and Goal Attack (GA). With only 3 seconds to shoot once inside the circle, there’s little time to line up the shot and make it.

The procedure for shooting may sound easy, but under the pressure imposed by a real game our team of high performance netball apparel manufacturers know that it is harder than most people think. As with all sports, the key to success is practice, practice and more practice and to help you with your goal shooting success rate, our personalised netball team clothing experts share a few tips to get you shooting like a pro:


Firstly, get the goalpost in your line of sight. Place your feet roughly shoulder length apart for the best position. Think about the way you are holding the ball. Balance it on the fingertips of your dominant hand, steadying it with your other hand. The spring of the fingertips give the control of the ball’s spin, while the steadying hand is your main aiming tool.


Physics tells us that all the power for your shot comes from the ground, and you’re going to need to harness that power in the most effective way in order to transfer it into a flying ball. Bend your knees and squat down with your back straight and your head up, experimenting with how much of a squat you need to get the required power. While doing this, your hands should stay in the same position, and your eyes should be focused on the ring. When you’re ready to shoot, move your hands back slightly behind your head and as you spring upright, move them forward and upwards. All the power from your springing knees and the moving hands needs to be transferred to the ball.


You must focus on the ring at all times. Pinpoint your focus on a small area at the back of the ring to give you more leeway in terms of your judged length for the shot. Release the ball when your knees extend. Upon release, spin the ball backwards with a flick of your wrists, making your shot as steep as possible to get the ball dropping through the net. Your arms should be straight and in the direction of the shot at the end.

All that’s left is to get out there and practice, practice, practice!

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