Personalised netball team clothing manufacturers with tips to avoid netball injuries.

As one of the most popular sports in Australia, our experts in custom design netball apparel know that netball is a fast paced, high intensity sport that involves rapid changes of motion, jumping and of course landing.

Although netball is traditionally known to be a non-contact sport, the game can pose a high-risk level of injury, especially in the legs, knees and ankles due to it’s jolting nature of high-speed bursts and sudden stopping.

Our manufacturers of netball team gear have come up with some injury prevention tips to keep in mind when playing netball:

  • Prepare for your match by building up your training and fitness in the weeks and months prior to playing.
  • Participate in core strength and flexibility exercise programs such as Pilates to increase your flexibility.
  • Work on your coordination and train your body in specific netball movements and exercises to increase your durability.
  • Remember slight aches and pains can turn into more serious injuries so it’s important to see your physiotherapist any time you have a concern.
  • Partake in netball drills that work on specific exercises to develop strength, agility and flexibility around the knees and ankles.
  • Use energetic warmups before matches & training rather than static stretching to ensure your body is limber for the game.
  • Take plenty of time to warm down and stretch after training or playing netball.

Although netball injuries are common, many are easily preventable if you take the time to listen to your body and give it the training it needs to perform at it’s peak.

To find out more about our exciting range of custom, high performance netball apparel, contact the team at Champion System Netball today.

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